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Putting a Face on the NYS Grape IPM Program and Lake Erie Regional Grape Program Extension Team - A Multi-pronged Approach to Information Transfer 2007

Download the entire report in pdf format, 112k

Project Leaders: T. Weigle, NYS IPM; A. Muza, Penn State Cooperative Extension, Lake Erie Regional Grape Program

Cooperators: B. Hed, Plant Pathology Research Associate, Penn State University, North East Lab`; H. Peterson, Viticulture, Finger Lakes Regional Grape Program

Abstract: Providing up-to-date production information to the diverse demographics of the Lake Erie Grape Growing region is a challenge that has been met through the use of a number of electronic information transfer techniques ranging from web sites and electronic newsletters to digital videos.  However, the use of electronic information transfer tools has brought about concern over a ‘faceless’ extension program.  To ensure that a connection is maintained between the NYS Grape IPM Program, Lake Erie Regional Grape Program Extension team and members of the Lake Erie grape industry, weekly Coffee Pot meeting were held from May through the end of August at a different grower venue each week.