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Impact of the NYS IPM Program's Trac Software for Spray Record-keeping and Reporting 2007

Download the entire report in pdf format, 266k

Project Leader: J. Carroll, NYS IPM

Cooperator: J. Nedrow, NYS IPM

Abstract: The impact of Trac Software on spray record-keeping and reporting of fruit growers was evaluated with a 16 question phone survey conducted by The Survey Research Institute (SRI), Cornell University . The survey was completed with 226 people who had ordered Trac Software in 2006. Of those surveyed, 167 used the software. 61% of respondents agreed that Trac Software has helped their farm business bottom line: primarily through improved office staff efficiency, avoidance of fines for non-compliance, and estimating pesticide needs for bulk purchases. Fully 28% agreed that Trac Software had improved their access to new markets. The survey clearly found that Trac Software improves the pesticide spray record-keeping and reporting ability of farmers. Trac makes record-keeping easier – 70% agreed; improves accuracy – 76% agreed; streamlines reporting – 76% agreed; and helps meet reporting requirements – 84% agreed. The fact that 98% will continue using it underlines the positive impacts of Trac Software for farmers.