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Final Report - Promoting Apple IPM Implementation in Eastern NY Orchards by Expansion of the Northeastern Weather Association System 2007

Download the entire report in pdf format, 508k

Project Leader: J. Carroll, NYS IPM

Cooperators: M. Fargione, Senior Resource Educator, Hudson Valley Fruit Program, Cornell University, et. al.

Abstract: To conduct integrated pest management (IPM) for eight major pests, apple growers must use weather-based pest forecast models. The NYS IPM Program’s Network for Environment and Weather Awareness (NEWA) provides pest forecast models for free, fostering IPM implementation, environmental conservation, and land stewardship. To expand NEWA into Eastern NY , four growers purchased weather stations, connected to NEWA, and served as grower educators to promote IPM implementation and the sustainability of apple production in their region. In this critical steps project cooperating growers learned about NEWA and pest forecast models to improve their IPM practices. The outreach plan targeted all other apple growers in Eastern NY who can benefit from the expansion of NEWA into their region. The NEWA system was upgraded to deploy the oriental fruit moth model and to use a weather database to improve data collection and web delivery. The project was evaluated through feedback during the growing season and grower satisfaction with the NEWA system. Because current apple IPM practices require the use of pest forecast models and not every grower has a weather station, the advantages of the NEWA system’s instantaneous outreach potential to all growers in Eastern NY are considerable.