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Trichogramma ostriniae Start the Transition from Demonstration to Commercialization 2006

download pdf document, 75k

Project Leader: A. Seaman, NYS IPM Program, Cornell University

Cooperators: J. Mishanec,,

Abstract: Organic sweet corn farmers and those who do not own a high clearance sprayer often have problems with European corn borer (ECB) larvae contaminating the sweet corn ears at harvest.  Research has shown that Trichogramma ostriniae, a tiny wasp that parasitizes ECB eggs, provides good control when released in sweet corn fields when ECB are laying eggs.  The next step is to help farmers learn to use the wasps.  We will provide cooperating farmers with wasps and advise them on their use, and also develop a downloadable fact sheet and a web page with information to help farmers use T. ostriniae on their own in the future.