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NEWA (Network for Environment and Weather Awareness) 2006: A Year in Review

Download the entire report in pdf format, 163k

Project Leaders: J. Gibbons, Ontario County CCE, Canandaigua, NY; J. Carroll, C. TenEyck, C. Petzoldt2 , NYS IPM Program, Geneva, NY; T. Weigle, NYS IPM Program, Fredonia, NY

Abstract: NEWA operated and maintained the electronic weather network in 2006 with funding support from the NYS IPM Program. There are now 829 users in the NEWA database compared to the 512 users in 2005. As a result of continued free access, NEWA usage in 2006 is up over 400% compared to 2001. NEWA information delivery is multiplied via dissemination in Cornell Cooperative Extension Educator and private consultant newsletters and crop updates. The National Weather Service ( NWS ) provided weather forecasts and weather radar images. Improvements to the NEWA website spanned apple, tomato and potato pest forecast model information and a comprehensive NEWA Site Map was written. New in 2006, the Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC) prepared daily degree day forecasts for various base temperatures based on NWS max/min temperature forecasts.  The NEWA network successfully transitioned to RainWise, Inc. instruments and installed, tested and supported their less expensive wireless weather station plus software for Internet delivery of data to the NEWA network.