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Revitalization of the Ornamentals Program of the New York State IPM Program 2006

Download the entire report in pdf format, 65k

Project Leaders: G. Couch, E. Lamb, B. Eshenaur, NYS IPM Program

Cooperators:, ; R. Baglia, CCE Orange Co.

Abstract: The model for IPM staffing is a three person team: a coordinator with statewide responsibility for comprehensive planning and dissemination of IPM information and two area educators with regional responsibility for implementing IPM systems.  With the arrival in May of Elizabeth Lamb, as Coordinator, and Brian Eshenaur, as Western New York Educator, the IPM team for Ornamentals is complete. Therefore, 2006 has been a year of gathering information on producer and educator needs, and setting priorities for future efforts in IPM for ornamentals