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Integration of Alternative and Conventional Strategies for Management of Grape Berry Moth in Severe Risk Vineyards 2006

Download the entire report in pdf format, 76k

Project Leaders: T. Weigle, NYS IPM Program, Cornell University; A. Muza, Penn State Cooperative Extension of Erie County

Cooperators: J. Mason, Mason Farms, Lake City, PA ; T. Byham, B. Byham, Byham Farms, Lake City, PA

Abstract: Consistent economic losses due to grape berry moth, lack of control using conventional insecticides and requests for assistance from grape growers and industry personnel are the factors involved in looking for answers with alternative approaches to grape berry moth management.  The use of mating disruption, parasitic wasps, conventional insecticides and an insecticide that mimics the action of the molting hormone in moth larvae (Intrepid 2 F) were integrated to manage grape berry moth in vineyards.  Potential outcomes for the project include;

1) a new GBM management program for severe and high risk vineyards, and

2) adoption of alternative strategies resulting in a reduction in the use of conventional insecticides in the Lake Erie Grape Belt.