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Where do Fungus Gnats come from when a greenhouse starts up for spring production after being closed for winter? 2003

Download the entire report in pdf format (125k)

Leader: Jonathan Wisbeski, IPM Coordinator Orange County CCE.

Cooperators: Rose Baglia, Extension Educator Orange County CCE

Gary Couch, Ornamentals IPM Specialist, Hudson Valley

Type of Grant: Monitoring, forecasting, and economic thresholds.

Project location: Ulster County. This information could be used throughout the Northeast.

Abstract: Fungus gnats (Bradysia corophila and Bradsysia impatiens) are of great importance to greenhouse growers. Larvae may feed on roots or root hairs of young plants. This can lead to stunting or even death in young plants. It can also create a means by which pathogens can enter the plant. Adult Fungus gnats can possibly carry plant pathogens and possibly infect older plants. Potato wedges were used in an attempt to detect the early presence of Fungus Gnats in the greenhouses.

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