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Monitoring Greenhouse Nutrient Solutions for Poinsettias 2003

Download the entire report in pdf format (232k)

Project Leaders: Jana Lamboy, NYS IPM Program

Walter Nelson, Chemung County CCE

Karen Hall, Erie County CCE

Elise Schillo-Lobdell, IPM Scout, Syracuse

Cooperators: Tom Weiler, Horticulture Department, Cornell University

The managers and owners of 15 greenhouse operations

Julian Malone, intern from the University of Adelaide

Type of Grant: Cultural methods; sanitation; physical controls, Training practitioners to use IPM techniques

Project locations:

Bakers Acres, Inc, North Lansing

Barone Gardens, Cicero

Cornell University Floriculture Program, Ithaca

Ken Henry & Sons, Hamburg

Lisa's Greenhouse, Orchard Park

Lockwood's Greenhouse, Hamburg

Mischler's Florist, Williamsville

Mitchell Farms, Alden

Morroni's Greenhouse, Elmira

Plantscape Horticultural, Inc., Elmira Heights

Rudy's Greenhouse Inc, Elmira

Schaefer's Gardens, Triangle

Stella Ireland Gardens, Binghamton

WD Henry & Sons, Eden

Zerrillo's Greenhouses, East Syracuse

Abstract: Many greenhouse managers do not fully comprehend the relationship between crop fertility and ground water pollution, and impacts of fertility on pest & disease. Better management of fertilization improves crop quality and reduces nutrients lost to the ground(water). We tested pH and soluble salts weekly during the Poinsettia growing season, and sent off soil and foliar samples to Peters for lab analysis. In general, the growers highly valued the project because cultural errors were caught early. Several of them will continue the monitoring in the future; the others would like a professional to do it for them. We need to extend understanding of the importance of monitoring nutrient solutions to other greenhouse operations, and also to revise the Poinsettia crop production guide for New York.


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