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Evaluation of a Potato Leafhopper (PLH) Resistant Alfalfa Cultivar Effects on PLH Injury in Alfalfa: Grass mixed stands with and without insecticide 2003

Download the entire report in pdf format (120k)

Project Leaders: J. Keith Waldron, NYS IPM Program; Elson J. Shields,Cornell Dept. of Entomology; Julie L. Hansen, Cornell Dept. of Plant Breeding; Donald R. Viands, Cornell Dept. of Plant Breeding.

Cooperator: Jerry Cherney, Cornell Dept. Crop and Soil Science.

Type of Grant: Pest-resistant crops

Abstract: The combination of a resistant cultivar and a grass resulted in significantly better PLH control than did the resistant cultivar alone or the grass alone. The resistant cultivar had 36% fewer PLH than the susceptible cultivar; however, the number of PLH was significantly higher than for the plots that were sprayed with insecticide (average less than 1 PLH per sub-plot). The untreated plot with the lowest PLH damage score was the resistant alfalfa/grass mixture (score = 1.8), whereas the resistant cultivar alone scored 2.4 and the susceptible cultivar alone and with grass averaged 3.5.