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Implementing Mating Distruption Control Strategies for Oriental Fruit Moth in Tree Fruit 2003

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Project Leader: Deborah I. Breth, Lake Ontario Fruit Program, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Cooperators: Drs. A. Agnello, W.H. Reissig, J. Nyrop, NYSAES, Dept. of Entomology; J. Carroll, NYS IPM, Growers in Lake Ontario region, Private consultants and field reps

Type of Grant: Monitoring, forecasting, and economic thresholds

Training practitioners to use IPM techniques

Project location: Niagara, Orleans, Monroe, and Wayne counties


A major educational effort was launched in early 2003 to respond to the increase in internal lepidopteran larvae infestations in apples, peaches, and pears. Several educational events starting with Winter Fruit Schools, a "Worm Management Workshop", field training sessions, and on-farm trainings increased knowledge of growers and consultants to assist in management strategies for internal lep management. The regional trap line to monitor flight of internal lep pests was instrumental in teaching cooperators how to monitor for these pests, and provided realtime flight activity to compare to theoretical DD models under development. Growers and consultants used the flight activity reports to time controls in 2003. The trend of a 3-4 fold increase in rejected truckloads of apples as seen in PA and VA across the WNY region was prevented by the educational efforts taken through this project. The next step is to continue research to find alternative control strategies that are more compatible with IPM programs in apples and peaches.

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