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Breeding and Evaluation of Squash and Pumpkin with Multiple Disease and Insect Resistance 2002

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Project Leader: R. W. Robinson, Horticultural Sciences Dept., N.Y. State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, NY

Cooperators: T. A. Zitter, Plant Pathology Dept., Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

R. Provvidenti, Plant Pathology Dept., N.Y . State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, NY

M. K. Jahn, Plant Breeding Dept., Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Type of grant: Pest-resistant crops

Project locations: Nationally

Abstract: Over 10,000 plants of 643 breeding lines of squash and pumpkin were tested for resistance to four different viruses in the greenhouse. The breeding lines were classified as homozygous for resistance, segregating for resistance, or susceptible. On the basis of these tests, the best resistant lines were selected for planting in the field. They were evaluated there for resistance to viruses, powdery mildew, and cucumber beetles and for horticultural type.

Resistant plants were pollinated, giving priority to those combining resistance to the greatest number of diseases and insects. Self pollinated seed was provided to seed companies for elite resistant germplasm, including 10 pumpkin, 8 winter squash, and 12 summer squash breeding lines. This germplasm should make possible the introduction of multiple disease and insect resistant varieties of pumpkin and squash

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