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Cucurbit Pest and Crop Management Systems Evaluation 2002

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Project Leaders: Curtis Petzoldt, NYS IPM Program, James Engel, NYS IPM Program, James Jasinski, The Ohio State University, Ruth Hazzard, University of Massachusetts; Pam Westgate, University of Massachusetts; Ted Blomgren, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Capitol District; John Mishanec, NYS IPM Program

Cooperators: M. Hoffmann, S. Reiners, T. Zitter, A. Rangarajan, R. Bellinder Type of grant: This project was funded by theUSDA RAMP Program under contract 2001- 51101-11048. Systems comparison trials

Project locations: NY counties: Ontario, Albany, Schoharie, Columbia; several counties in Massachusetts; several counties in Ohio.

Abstract: In 2002 a long-term cucurbit crop systems pest and crop management evaluation was continued at NYSAES Geneva. This project is a continuation of a sweet corn systems project conducted 1995-1999. Systems are located in the same fields as the previous sweet corn evaluation meaning that land has now been managed under the particular systems for 8 years. A team of vegetable experts evaluated four systems for producing cucurbit crops including Conventional, IPM Present, IPM Future, and Organic. Commercial scale plots of cucumbers, melons, zucchini, and pumpkins were grown under these systems and compared on the basis of economic, environmental, and pest control efficacy factors. In addition, demonstrations of the systems were conducted on growers' farms in eastern New York, Ohio, and Massachusetts.

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