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Continued Development and Maintenance of the Vegetable Grower News Web Site 2002

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Project Leader(s): John J. Mishanec, CCE, NYS IPM Program and Colleen Converse, CCE Washington County.

Cooperator(s): Ted Blomgren, CCE, Capital District Regional Vegetable Program, Vern Grubinger, UVM Extension, Ruth Hazzard, Univ. of Mass, Jude Boucher, UConn Extension, Maire Ullrich, CCE Orange County, Richard Gast, CCE Franklin County, Linda Lynch, CCE Suffolk County, Prof. Tom Zitter, Cornell University, Jim VanKirk, North East IPM Program

Type of grant: Public education

Project location(s): Throughout the Northeast

Abstract: In 2001, with seed money from the NYS IPM Program, a web site,, was set up to provide vegetable growers with current "from-the-field" vegetable pest and production information. The site covers Eastern New York and the neighboring states from New England (Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut). In 2002, New Jersey vegetable information was added. Other improvements included an improved archive system with a Java script menu dependent on the archived file’s name and the folder hierarchy. A search feature was also added to the site. With a map in the web page, growers are able to click on their counties/regions to receive localized information. Neighboring Extension organizations from Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and New Jersey provided weekly updates to make the site current and valuable to vegetable growers. The site was also linked into Cornell University resources, as well as other valuable vegetable sites throughout the country. The site was made more user friendly and it is now easier to access past reports. The goal is to make this site a major information source for vegetable pest and production topics in the Northeast. Getting the site up and running was a major job in 2001. In 2002, we made the site even more useful and educational. The targeted audiences for the web site are commercial vegetable growers, Extension educators and Agri-Industry field people.

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