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Overcoming Barriers to Success in Reduced-Tillage Pumpkin Production: Implementing Effective Plant Establishment and Weed Management Strategies 2002

Download the entire report in pdf format (132 KB)

Project Leaders: Charles Bornt and Ted Blomgren, Cornell Cooperative Extension Capital District Vegetable Program

Type of Grant: Systems Comparison Trial

Project locations: Cornell Research Farm, Columbia County, NY

Abstract: Adoption of reduced-tillage pumpkin planting systems has been limited in the Capital District Region of NY. Pumpkin growers in the Capital District have been quick to point out that the two most significant barriers to success with reduced-till systems are plant establishment and weed control. Traditional reduced-tillage systems in this area have focused on direct seeding pumpkins into an herbicide killed winter rye. This project will focus on using transplants for plant establishment. It will also help determine which cell size (72, 98 or 128) can optimize yields and greenhouse space. This project also will compare herbicide treatments in reduced-till pumpkins.

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