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Evaluations of Hemlocks for Resistance to Hemlock Woolly Adelgid 2002

Download the entire report in pdf format (81 KB)

Project Leader(s): Paul A. Weston, Department of Entomology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Cooperator(s): Jason Dampier, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Putnam County, Brewster, NY

Type of grant: Pest-resistant crops

Project location(s): Throughout the eastern U.S.

Abstract: The hemlock woolly adelgid has become firmly established in the Hudson River Valley and Long Island, and is responsible for the loss of vast acreage of virgin hemlock forests and countless hemlocks in managed landscapes. Replanting with susceptible hemlocks is doomed to failure because these trees will be equally susceptible to the adelgid. We plan to evaluate a number of species of hemlock under two fertility regimes for their susceptibility to A. tsugae in hopes of identifying species that might be suitable for replanting trees lost to this invasive exotic pest. Because of the severe drought that existed in eastern NY until this summer, however, transplantation of hemlocks needed to be deferred until conditions were more suitable for plant establishment. The plan of work and budget were modified to reflect this cutback in work planned. Trees will be purchased this winter, and planted in spring of 2003.

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