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The Impact of Organic Amendments on Soil Microbiology and Nutrients in a Three-Year Study of Trees Planted on Heavily Compacted, Poor Soil 2002

Download the entire report in pdf format (85 KB)

Project Leaders: Jana Lamboy, Angela Rivenshield, and Nina Bassuk

Cooperators: Joseph Esnard, Anu Rangarajan, and Joann Gruttadaurio

Type of grant: Cultural methods; sanitation; physical controls

Project location: Findings will apply throughout the Northeast and nationally

Abstract: This project adds new dimensions to a three-year study of the effects of soil amendments and drainage on the growth of three species of trees planted in heavily compacted soil. The research was originally intended to compare soil physical parameters. Striking differences in the growth of trees planted with organic amendments led to questions regarding the nature of long-term benefits derived from adding food compost at the time of planting. The proposed tests will allow comparison of soil nutrients, microbiological activity, and presence of beneficial nematodes as an indicator of healthy soil. This is a rare opportunity to observe differences in a randomized experiment with replicated treatments prior to the harvest of the trees.

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