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Tough Trees for Tough Sites: A video and companion booklet to help nursery producers match urban demands 2002

Download the entire report in pdf format (76 KB)

Project Leader:

Nina Bassuk, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University


Peter Trowbridge, Landscape Architecture Department, Cornell University and Andrew Hillman, City Forester, Ithaca New York

Type of grant:

Pest resistant crops and training practitioners to use IPM techniques.

Project location:

The video was shot in and around the Ithaca, NY area, however the applicability of the message can be applied nationally.


This 23 minute video takes the viewer through the site assessment, decision making and plant selection processes on a real street tree planting site in Ithaca, NY. Over the course of one year, the site is investigated and transformed-a process documented by the video. We see the process from the many stakeholders points of view: the city forester, landscape architect, nursery professional, horticulturist and the public. The importance of site assessment in establishing a low maintenance, pest-free landscape is discussed.

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