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Demonstrating New Technologies for Improved Corn Rootworm Management 2002

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Project Leaders: J. Keith Waldron1, Elson J. Shields2, and W. J. Cox3

Cornell, Ithaca: 1NYS IPM Program, 2Entomology, 3Crop and Soil Science

Cooperator: Tony Testa2

Type of Grant: Demonstration and Research

Project Location: Cornell Musgrave Farm (Aurora, NY) and Teaching and Research Farm (Harford, NY). Results applicable to Northeast Corn Production


On-farm demonstrations were initiated at the Cornell Musgrave Farm, Aurora and the Cornell Teaching and Research (T&R) Farm, Harford, to present, compare, and evaluate new and emerging corn rootworm (CRW) management strategies. In this third year of a continuing project, two ca. 0.7 acre field sites (Musgrave Farm field "X" and Animal Science Teaching and Research NYSEG field) were planted to corn receiving one of the following treatments: no soil insecticide (control), conventional soil insecticides: Force 3.0 G, Lorsban 15G or Counter 20 CR, and insecticide seed coatings: Gaucho (seed corn maggot rate), Prescribe (CRW rate), or TI-435. In addition to these treatments used in previous years, a second check (no soil insecticide with a fungicide seed treatment), and the soil insecticides Aztec 2.1, Capture 2EC, and Regent 80 WG were added. Treatments were compared for relative corn rootworm protection. Year 3 objectives have been completed and a summary of activities is presented.

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