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Statewide Survey of Mosquito Breeding on New York Dairy Farms 2002

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Project Leader(s): D. A. Rutz1, P. E. Kaufman1, L. C. Harrington1 and J. K. Waldron2

1Department of Entomology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

2New York State IPM, Cornell University, Geneva, NY

Cooperator(s): Ken Wise — NYS IPM Program, Schoharie CCE

Dave Balbian - CNY Dairy, Livestock, & Field Crops Team, CCE

Bruce Tillapaugh — Wyoming County CCE

Project type: Monitoring, forecasting, and economic thresholds

Project locations: Our results are applicable throughout the Northeast


Mosquitoes breeding on dairy farms may present a health risk to the citizens of New York State. Our study had four critical results. We determined that bunker tires on dairy farms are important mosquito production sites. We identified the mosquito species breeding in bunker tires and the adult species host seeking on dairies in select regions around New York State. We identified the current range of the invasive species Oc. j. japonicus breeding on New York dairies and we have established "negative presence" baseline data for Ae. albopictus on dairies in these 5 regions.

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