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Using 1-MCP as a Replacement for Postharvest Drenching with Diphenylamine, Thiabendazole, and Captan for Control of Superficial Scald and Rots on NY apples 2002

Download the entire report in pdf format (102 KB)

Project Leaders:

James M. Wargo, CCE Lake Ontario Fruit Team

Christopher B. Watkins, Cornell University, Ithaca

David Rosenberger, Cornell Hudson Valley Lab


Bill Gerling and John Gay, Lake Ontario Fruit Inc., Albion NY

Ward Dobbins and John Raduns, H.H. Dobbins Inc., Lyndonville NY

Type of grant:

Cultural methods; sanitation; physical controls

Project Locations:

Orleans County NY, Findings are applicable to Western NY and the Hudson Valley region


Apples were treated with 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) gas to determine if it could suppress the development of the skin discoloration disorder known as "superficial scald". The present procedure to control scald is to drench fruit with a water solution containing diphenylamine (DPA). Drenching controls scald, but the process itself leads to increased rot problems in storage. The long term availability of DPA is in doubt due to concerns about food safety and cross contamination. Therefore, alternatives need to be explored. Separately, two trials were initiated at harvest in 2002 to determine if 1-MCP treatment affects decay-susceptibility of Empire apples during long-term controlled-atmosphere (CA) storage. Since both projects deal with disorders that develop after extended storage (20+ weeks), the results are not yet available.

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