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IPM Demonstrations in Peppers 2001

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Project Leader: Abby Seaman, Area Extension Educator, Vegetable IPM

Cooperators: Carol MacNeil and John Gibbons, Yates, Ontario, Wayne, and Steuben Muck Vegetable Program; Brian Boerman, Agricultural Consulting Services, Don Sweet, Crop Advantage, Mike Hoffmann, Dept. of Entomology; Tom Zitter, Dept. of Plant Pathology

Type of grant: Monitoring, forecasting, and economic thresholds

Project location(s): Ontario, Onondaga, and Orleans counties

Abstract: Vegetable growers can reduce the amount and environmental impact of pesticides used to produce peppers by growing varieties resistant to bacterial leaf spot (BLS) and using thresholds for aphids and European corn borer (ECB). IPM demonstrations comparing the use of thresholds with the grower’s usual practices conducted for the past three seasons have documented that crop quality resulting from the use of thresholds is equivalent to that resulting from the grower’s usual practices. Growers avoided the use organophosphate insecticides up for review by the FQPA in the IPM area of the demonstration fields. The cost of insect management is higher when organophosphates are not used than when they are used. Currently, there are a limited number of non-organophosphate insecticides labeled for use against ECB control that do not contribute to aphid outbreaks, and no options that control both ECB and aphids.