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Implementing a Management Program for Phytophthora Blight of Cucurbits 2001

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Project Leader(s): Meg McGrath, Dept. of Plant Pathology, Riverhead

Carol MacNeil, Vegetable Specialist, CCE Ontario-Wayne-Yates Counties

Julie Kikkert, Vegetable Specialist, CCE Ontario-Wayne-Yates Counties

Alan Erb, Vegetable Specialist, Lake Plains Vegetable Program

Ted Blomgren, Vegetable Specialist, Capital District Vegetable Program

Cooperator(s): Abby Seaman, Area Vegetable IPM Specialist, WNY

John Mishanec, Area Vegetable IPM Specialist, ENY

cucurbit growers in each participating county

Type of grant: Cultural methods; sanitation; physical controls

Project location(s): Ontario-Wayne-Yates Counties

Lake Plains

Schoharie County


Abstract: Phytophthora blight is a very devastating disease that has been increasing in importance in New York and elsewhere in the US. It has been identified as a high priority for the IPM program. The main goal of this project was to work with growers in upstate New York to implement a management program developed through years of research and observations on Long Island. Unfortunately, weather conditions were generally not favorable for Phytophthora blight in 2001. Blight only developed in 1 of 3 fields on commercial farms where management practices were evaluated. In that field blight was less where straw was used. Valuable information was obtained about the management practices being used for Phytophthora blight in cucurbit crops by surveying growers.