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Introgression and Characterization of Black Rot Resistance Derived from Brassica carinata in Cole Crops 2001

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Project Leader(s): Phillip D. Griffiths

Cooperator(s): Lisa Earle

Project location(s): All of NY

Abstract: Fresh-market cabbage is an important vegetable crop in NY State which had a farm-gate value of approximately $80 million in 2000. Black rot (Xanthomomas campestris pv. campestris) is a major limiting factor to cabbage production in New York State especially during warm, damp seasons. Limited host plant resistance has been incorporated into several cabbage varieties, but is insufficient. Breeding a new source of resistance to black rot will be important for the future protection of this crop in NY State, through the development of new varieties with enhanced resistance to this disease. This research focuses on introgressing resistance from a related crop (Ethiopian mustard) into cabbage, and using molecular markers to aid the breeding work.