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Enhancing the Efficacy of Beauveria bassiana for Bedding Plant Insect Pests 2001

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Project Leaders: Jana Lamboy, NYS IPM Program, Geneva

Michael Brownbridge, Entomology Research Lab, Univ. of Vermont

Cooperators: David Woodworth, Harvest Hill Gardens, Geneva

David and Janet Vollmer, Vollmer Farms, East Syracuse

George Zerrillo, Zerrillo's Greenhouses, East Syracuse

Wendell Irland, W. D. Henry & Sons, Hamburg

Type of grant: Research and Development Proposal-New, Ornamentals

Biological control and pest biology

Project locations: Greenhouse collaborators were located in Ontario,

Onondaga, and Erie Counties

Abstract: Growers frequently request help in the development of biorational IPM programs for bedding plants, especially vegetable transplants and herbs. Before Cornell Cooperative Extension Educators can recommend insect-killing fungi such as Beauveria bassiana for bedding plant protection we must first demonstrate efficacy and show how the products fit into an IPM strategy. In this trial, growers applied Botanigard (B. bassiana), Botanigard + Azatin, and Azatin alone to vegetable and flower bedding plants, and herbs to attempt to see whether the insect growth regulator Azatin would increase the ability of the beneficial fungus to parasitize aphids. Few pesticides are labeled for vegetable bedding plants in greenhouses, yet customers want to buy pest-free plants for their gardens. Due to circumstances beyond our control, this field research did not yield any data for comparison of the treatments.