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Thrips Biological Control Demonstration in Orange and Ulster Counties 2001

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Project Leader(s): Rose Baglia, Extension Educator CCE Orange Co., Commercial Horticulture

Teresa Rusinek, Extension Educator CCE Ulster Co., Commercial Horticulture

Gary Couch, NYS IPM Ornamentals Specialist

Cooperator(s): John Sanderson, Associate Professor, Entomology; Margery L. Daughtrey, Senior Extension Associate, Plant Pathology. Deborah Sweeton, Techni-Growers Greenhouses, John Gill — Gill Farms, Robin and Drew Anderson — Country Flowers

Type of grant: Biological control and pest biology

Project location(s): Orange and Ulster Counties.

Abstract: The use of predacious mites for western flower thrips control in bedding plant production was demonstrated and release timing examined. Cost and efficacy comparisons were made between using a standard, calendar-based release program and one based on monitoring thrips levels. Acceptable thrips control was achieved with both methods but monitoring reduced costs by over 50%. Two new growers were introduced to using predacious mites for thrips control. Methods and results were presented to growers through two NY regional conferences and a national conference along with two newsletter articles. Data was also presented to CCE agents at a statewide in-service program.