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Demonstrating New Technologies for Improved Corn Rootworm Management 2001

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Principle Investigators: J. Keith Waldron, NYS IPM Program, Cornell, Ithaca

Elson J. Shields, Entomology, Cornell, Ithaca

W. J. Cox, Crop and Soil Science, Cornell, Ithaca

Cooperators: Tony Testa, Entomology, Cornell, Ithaca

Abstract: On-farm demonstrations were initiated at the Cornell Musgrave Farm, Aurora and the Cornell Teaching and Research (T&R) Farm, Harford, to present, compare, and evaluate new and emerging corn rootworm (CRW) management strategies. In this second phase of a three year project, two ca. 0.7 acre field sites (Musgrave Farm field "X" and Animal Science Teaching and Research NYSEG field) were planted to a corn rootworm resistant (Bt transgenic) hybrid and a non — transgenic hybrid receiving one of the following treatments: no soil insecticide (control), conventional soil insecticides: Force 3.0 G, Lorsban 15G or Counter 20 CR, insecticide seed coatings: Gaucho (seed corn maggot rate), Prescribe (CRW rate), or TI-435. Treatments were compared for relative corn rootworm protection.

In addition to these treatments, ca. 0.7 acre plots of pumpkins and field corn were late planted at each site as trap crops to attract mature corn rootworm beetles (Diabrotica species). These sites attracted a concentrated infestation of gravid CRW females to provide a suitable number of eggs for a location to establish the CRW control comparison demonstration in 2002. Year 2 objectives have been completed and a summary of activities is presented.