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Expanding the Implementation of Integrated Pest Management and Integrated Cropping Management through the Use of Host Farms (public meetings) and Improved Use of Communication Technology 2001

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Project Leaders: Jeffrey J. Miller and Michael Dennis; Extension Educators, CCE of Oneida County

Cooperator(s): Ken Wise (NYSIPM), local producers, local agribusinesses.


Farms that hosted scouting activity: Paul, Steve, Pat, Phil, Henry and Joe van Lieshout: Brabent farm; Allen, Dave, Ed and Rob Collins: Collins Knoll farm; Glen and Larry Taylor: Taylwind Farm; Jeff, Milt and Dennis Vaill: Vaill Farm; Troy, Harry and Travis Finn: FinnDale Farm; Bob Pawlowski.

Farms that hosted public meetings: Dave Schieferstine (2), Mark Van Hatten, Gary Teel, Frank Frost, Rod Willson, Glenn Taylor, Bob Pawlowski, Randy Brouillette, Rob Collins, The vanLieshouts Brabent Farm.

AGRIBUSINESSES AND AGENCIES THAT RECEIVED FAXED UPDATES: Louis Gale and Sons (feed, fertilizer, seed sales), Agway Sangerfield Crop Center, Agway Pohls Feedway, Richer Feeds, Tom Brouillette (seed sales), Rob Williams (seed sales), CCE of Madison County, Brown’s Feed, CCE Leatherstocking Team, CCE of Lewis County, Clinton Tractor, Cazenovia Farm Equipment, J.C. Lucas and Sons (farm equipment), White’s Farm Supply (farm equipment), Jaquay Feed Company, Kuhn Farm Machinery, Madison County SWCD, Oneida County SWCD, Bob Dewaine (seed sales), Ag Radio Network, Nick Chuff (veterinarian).

FARMERS WHO ATTENDED THE PUBLIC MEETINGS: Gary & Jeremy Teel, Alicia Eisenhut, David and Jacob Schieferstine, L. Wenham, Rich Brucker, Walter Hafner jr., Kevin Kelly, Mike Brockett, Frank Frost, Tom and Mr. Synakowski, Mark and Ralph Rickmyer, Don Stagner, Scott Willson, James Bruggeman, Betty Selden, Glen Taylor, Rob Collins, Dave Collins, Tom Prouty, David Fitzgerald, Dale Newell, Matt Entwistle, Jeff Case, Katie Jones, Julie Suits, Bob Pawlowski, Dan Harris, Dave Sherwood, Paul vanLieshout, Davis Marquis, Mickey Welser, Randy Brouillette, Dennis Baldwin, Joe Mushala, Homer Casler, Mark Van Hatten, John vanLieshout, Joe vanLieshout, Pat vanLieshout, Henry vanLieshout, Verne Tuthill, Rod Willson and Jason Stanimer.

Farmers and agribusinesses receiving emails: Ashley Combs, Andrew J. Kross, Chris & Christine Brodock, Charlotte Cassidy, Sharon Hall, Suzanne Fitzwilliams, Ross Smith, Dale Newell, Michael Mack, Matt Entwistle: Caravel, David & Mona Whitehouse, Jackie Sadlon, Glenn Taylor, Jeff Case, Jeff Hill, Jeff Matuszczak, Jessica Melnick, John Lehr, First Pioneer Farm Credit, Mark Welytok, Feed Industry, Kathy Evans, CCE Madison Co., Kim Hutchins, Kurt & Kay Schachtler, Kirk Schwasnick, seed sales, Tom Bixby, Leita Willson, Olivia Shoemaker, Jean Gallagher, Martin Sheppard, Jim Reilly, Paris Reidhead, Charles R. Blood, Scott L. Faulkner, William Myerhoff, Sarah Casanova, Ken Wise, IPM, Keith Schiebel, VVS teacher, Bob Frost, Farm Bureau President Lory and Pat vanLieshout, Mike Candella, Nick Chuff, Andy Mower, (seed sales) Pam Mandryck, Frank Frost, Verne Tuthill, Tom Brouillette, Bill Von Matt, Warner Luenberger, Wendy Gornick, Brymer Humphrey, Calvin Collins, Oneida Dispatch (newspaper), Floyd Fisher, Bob Blunt, Tom Prouty, Bill Paddock, Gary Sherwood, Agway, Karen Baase, CCE Madison Co., Mark Bailey, Agway and Gretchen Maine.

Type of grant: Training practitioners to use IPM techniques.

Project location(s): Oneida County

Abstract:CCE of Oneida County has used the IPM TAG Team approach from 1990-1996 + 2000 as a vehicle to teach Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Integrated Crop Management (ICM) principles and to provide critical information on crop conditions and pest infestations to participants through small group meetings. This approach has provided enormous benefits to participants. Participants have received critical information that helped them to reduce or avoid crop loss. They also received training to help them apply IPM and ICM techniques and principles to the management of their field crop enterprises, thus improving their profitability while minimizing environmental risks. Unfortunately, the number of producers that participate may limit the benefits of this approach. Only a few farmers can participate in this intensive type of program each year.

The goal of this project is to greatly expand the group of producers receiving this information through the use of on-farm demonstrations (public meetings) coupled with the use of new communication technologies and key volunteers in the farm community.

A program assistant scouted 4 fields per farm (2 alfalfa, 2 corn) on 6 farms in the county once each week. The farms are spread across the county so the information gathered by the scout represents the diversity in soils, elevations and climatic conditions within the county. Participating farms recorded maximum and minimum temperatures and rainfall data, which was collected by the scout each week. The information was summarized each week. The summarized report was faxed to 20 agribusinesses, emailed to 36 producers and agribusinesses, key information was recorded and made available as a selection from the CCE office phone system and web pages were developed and uploaded with the current reports.