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Integrated Pest and Crop Management TAg Teams in NWNY 2001

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Project Leader(s): Nathan R. Herendeen, Area Field Crops Specialist, NWNY DL & FC Team

Michael J. Stanyard, Area Field Crops Specialist, NWNY DL & FC Team

Cooperator(s): Judson Reid, Ag/4H Program Leader, Yates County CCE

Mike Berkal, Ag/Natural Resources Program Leader, Seneca County CCE

Nancy Glazier, Assistant, NWNY DL & FC Team

Chad Engert, Summer Assistant, NWNY DL & FC Team

Type of grant: Training practitioners to use IPM techniques

Project location(s): Yates County, Penn Yan

Seneca County, Interlaken

Abstract: Tactical Agriculture Teams (TAg) have proven effective for teaching farmers and agri-business representative the principles of integrated pest management (IPM) as well as nutrient management and improved crop cultural practices. Two teams were effectively developed last season within the Mennonite community of farmers in Yates County. Because of the limited travel abilities of Mennonite growers, many growers outside of these TAg areas approached us about establishing teams closer to their proximity. Our efforts this year were aimed at expanding TAg Teams in that venue as well as across the NWNY area. In 2001, two additional Mennonite Teams were established in Yates County. One additional TAg Team was established in Seneca County.