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Roughstalk Bluegrass Suppression in Alfalfa-Timothy and Alfalfa-Orchardgrass Seedings 2001

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Project Leader(s): Russell R. Hahn, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences

Cooperator(s): None

Type of grant: Cultural methods; sanitation; physical controls

Project location(s): Findings might be applied throughout the Northeast

Abstract: A field experiment was established at Caldwell Field, Tompkins County, NY to evaluate the value of increasing the seeding rate of timothy and orchardgrass for suppressing roughstalk bluegrass (Poa trivialis L.) in alfalfa/timothy and alfalfa/orchardgrass seedings. No data on the effectiveness of the treatments was collected in 2001 since this was the year of establishment and since bluegrass will invade the perennial hay crop over time.