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Biological Mite Control in Hudson and Champlain Valley Apple Orchards Through the Distribution and Conservation of Typhlodromus pyri 2001

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Project Leader(s): K. Iungerman and P. Jentsch: Cornell Cooperative Extension and Department of Entomology

Cooperator(s): J. Nyrop and D. Straub: Cornell Department of Entomology

Type of grant: Biological control and pest biology

Project location(s): eastern NY

Abstract: In contrast to western New York where the mite predator Typhlodromus pyri is widespread and conserved to provide biological mite control, biological mite control has not been actively pursued in eastern New York orchards, at least in part because of the real or assumed absence of T. pyri. Previous research has shown that T. pyri can provide complete biological mite control in eastern New York orchards. During 2001 we began a project to demonstrate this on a large scale. We found that:

These results indicate the strong potential for using T. pyri in HV and CV orchards to control European red mite.