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IPM for NYS Ants 2001

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Project Leaders: Lynn Braband, Carolyn Klass

Cooperators: Ron Gardner, NYS IPM Program communications team

Type of grant: Public education

Project locations: Primary audience: throughout NYS. Secondary audience: other states especially in the Northeast.

Abstract: The objective of this project was to develop a Power Point presentation on IPM approaches for carpenter ants and the most common nuisance ants in New York State structures. Withdrawal of grant funds due to severe budget constraints prevented success.

Background and justification: Ants are currently considered the most frequent structural pest in the United States. Additionally, carpenter ants can cause substantial damage to wood in buildings. Educational resources on the identification of and control strategies for NYS ants are needed. The Power Point presentation will be a resource that can be quickly and widely distributed, especially through county CCE’s that have the ability to use the computer format. Slide sets will be made available for loan to CCE and others that cannot use the computer-based presentation.


  1. Research and design a presentation on IPM approaches for carpenter ants and the most common nuisance ants in NYS structures.
  2. Develop a master slide set of this presentation.


  1. Draft a copy of the text for the presentation based on data from the Insect Diagnostic Lab. Edit and illustrate the slide set, taking photographs of ants and ant nests where appropriate.
  2. Computerize the presentation as a Power Point format. Develop slide sets for loan to Cooperative Extension personnel and others interested in ant IPM.

Results and discussion: Two planning meetings were held. An initial working outline of the presentation was developed. Several copies of Pest Control technology’s "Ant I.D. Flash Cards" were purchased as a possible resource.

Severe budget constraints resulted in the cancellation of the grant’s funding. Hopefully, the development of the presentation will proceed in the near future.