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NEWA (Northeast Weather Association) 2000: A Year in Review

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Project Leaders: John Gibbons, NYS IPM Program, Curt Petzoldt, NYS IPM Program, Geneva, Tim Weigle NYS IPM Program, Fredonia, and Cheryl TenEyck, NYS IPM Program


  1. Keep the NEWA electronic weather network operational for the 2000 season
  2. Solicit new members for NEWA from among fruit, vegetable, field crop, and other appropriate growers.
  3. Maintain NEWA’s ability to contract with a private weather forecaster for forecast information.
  4. Acquire wireless phone jacks to protect weather equipment from damaging phone line surges.


NEWA was able to maintain the electronic weather network in the 2000 growing season with support from NEWA members and with various grants from commodity organizations and other sources. NEWA’s membership remained about the same in 2000 but did pick up some new subscribers representing grapes, apples and grapes. NEWA continued to contract with private forecasting firms for agricultural weather products, which interest our members. Wireless phone jacks were purchased for the 2000 growing season and provided relief for phone line surges induced by lightning strikes thus lowering the overall maintenance costs of the network.