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Demonstrating New Technologies for Improved Corn Rootworm Management 2000

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Project Leaders: W. J. Cox1, Elson J. Shields2, and J. Keith Waldron 3

Cornell, Ithaca: 1Crop and Soil Science; 2Entomology; 3 IPM Support Group

Cooperators: Dill Otis1 and Tony Testa2


An on-farm demonstration was initiated at the Cornell Musgrave Farm, Aurora, to present, compare, and evaluate new and emerging corn rootworm (CRW) management strategies. In this first phase of a three year project, ca. a 0.7 acre field site (Cornell Musgrave Farm, Field "X", Aurora, NY) was late planted to pumpkins and field corn to attract egg laying by corn rootworm beetles (Diabrotica species) providing a suitable site for establishing the CRW control comparison demonstration in 2001. Year 1 objectives have been completed and a summary of activities is presented.