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Impact of Scarab Grub Management Tactics on Non-Target Soil Fauna 2000

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Project Leader: Mike Villani

Collaborators: Leslie Allee, Nancy Consolie, Paul Robbins, and Jennifer Grant,

Department of Entomology, NYSAES/Cornell University, Geneva, NY 14456

Type of Project: Research and Demonstration

Location: Turf area at NYSAES in Geneva, NY


This study compared the effect of turfgrass pest management tactics, available to homeowners, on beneficial and nontarget soil fauna. Management products tested included insecticides Merit, Dylox, and Sulfur, an insect growth inhibitor Mach2, and a natural enemy or biological control, nematodes. To measure numbers of nontarget organisms samples were taken from treated and untreated turf plots using pitfall traps, soil cores, and baited ant traps from June through September. We found numbers of beetles, spiders, sow bugs, earthworms, ants, and crickets in treated plots were not significantly lower than numbers in control plots. Using this information, decisions for treatment of turfgrass and educational materials on turfgrass management will be able to include consideration for the impact on nontarget beneficial organisms.