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Community IPM Discovery Center 2000

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Project Leader: Steve VanderMark, Cornell Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County


With Community IPM Grant support, the Center’s design process began in the Fall of 2000 as part of the Extension Learning Farm facility assessment processes. Important factors affecting access were determined prior to construction plans. As such plans progressed, needs for further funding support was clearly identified.

Realizing the potential usefulness of the IPM Discovery Center, Kraft Foods has approved an additional grant of over $8,000 to complement the Community IPM Grants program support for this project. Also, the technology industry involving interactive computer kiosk facilities is continuing to expand, simultaneously offering improved technical options for the project’s designs.

Progress is also underway with identifying, recruiting local expertise for the project’s most technical aspects. Plans are to explore local college off-campus Service Learning Programs for ways student teams could help develop and test this project’s computer application before the general public and agricultural use by the next season.