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Integrated Pest Management for Greener Lawns and Landscapes 2000

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Project Leader: Kristen Stewart, CCE Schuyler County


1. Provide education to homeowners, Master Gardeners and those interested in maintaining lawns and landscapes in an environmentally sound and safe manner.

2. Set up a workstation to allow individuals to research insect identification information and Integrated Pest Management resources.


A workshop was held on October 2, 2000 to educate individuals on practices to reduce pest and disease problems, winterizing your garden and composting. Workshop presenters were Kristen Stewart, Agriculture Educator and Michelle Benjamin, Recycling and Solid Waste Coordinator, CCE Schuyler County. Hands on instruction at the CCE-Schuyler County compost and garden demonstration site complemented classroom instruction.

A workstation has also been established to allow access to individuals, Master Gardeners, and CCE staff on IPM and home horticulture resources. The workstation includes a desk, chair, and resource materials. Future plans include a computer to allow on-line access to Cornell and IPM resources. The workstation compliments a dedicated soil test and microscope lab area that is used on a regular basis by CCE staff.

Workshop topics included:

Of the fifteen program participants, 13 were new to Extension programming. The participants’ backgrounds varied with a majority being home gardeners and/or composters.

Evaluations were completed. Of the fifteen attendees, twelve turned in evaluations. On a 1-5 scale with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent, the class received an evaluation of 4.7.


It was determined from class participants that additional programming and resources on pest control, eco-gardening, organic gardening and composting would be well received. Hands on activities were recommended as a more popular teaching tool on such topics.