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The Cornell Turfgrass Hotline; A Pest Management Decision-Making Tool for Extension Staff and Turfgrass Managers 2000

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Project Leaders: Frank S. Rossi, Ph.D. & Eva Gussack, Cornell University Turfgrass Team

The goal of this project is to identify the key aspects of a timely, responsive, pest management information service as a means of improving pest management and reducing pesticide use through the promotion of non-chemical and biological strategies.

The Cornell Turfgrass Hotline involves a weekly conference call during the growing season, among meteorologists, turfgrass specialists on campus, extension (field staff) educators, and national experts (including USGA Agronomists). During the call, the weather is reviewed with forecast provided, then a "roll call" of updates from field staff is delivered, with questions being addressed across regions. Specialists discuss timely topics based on prevailing environmental conditions and finally a national expert discusses a particular topic more in-depth (such as root diseases or Annual Bluegrass Weevil). Following the call, the notes are transcribed, edited and written in bullet-format, amenable for use as a decision-making tool that is delivered via eMail or broadcast FAX to every county office in New York State and selected industry leaders.