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Lawn Ranger Volunteer Training 2000

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Location: Westchester and Putnam Counties

Project Leaders: Todd Schongalla, James Lee and Joe Heller, CCE of Westchester County and Marjorie Keith and Jason Dampier, CCE of Putnam County.

Collaborators: Dr. Frank Rossi and Evie Gussack, Cornell University Turfgrass Extension Team.  Rod Ferrentino, Community IPM Coordinator.  Gary Couch, Southeast Area IPM Educator.  Dr. Tamson Yeh, CCE of Nassau.  Westchester County Pest Management Committee.

Objectives: CCE of Westchester and Putnam counties seeks to protect drinking water and human health by training homeowners in best management practices for the use of pesticides and fertilizers through the implementation of the Lawn Ranger Volunteer Training Program.  With the help of Dr. Frank Rossi, Evie Gussack and Cornell Media Services, we have developed a new consumer-oriented lawn care training program that will be delivered by a corps of CCE trained volunteer educators.  After receiving training, our Lawn Ranger Volunteers will provide free educational programs focusing on establishment and maintenance of healthy lawns with an emphasis on environmental stewardship.  Two goals will be paramount: reducing pesticide and fertilizer use, and helping homeowners understand how their lawn care practices affect water quality.