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2000 Westchester County Golf Course IPM Demonstration Project

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Location: Dunwoodie Golf Course in Yonkers, NY and Maple Moore Golf Course in White Plains, NY

Project Leaders: Todd Schongalla, James Lee and Joe Heller, CCE of Westchester County; Gary Couch, NY State IPM Program; Dr. Patricia Vittum, Professor of Entomology, University of Massachusetts.

Collaborators: Gary Metz, Doug Hall, John Sackel, Kevin Duffy, Joe Stout and Ronald Demkovich, Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation (PRC). Rod Ferrentino, Community IPM Coordinator. Dr. Tamsen Yeh, CCE of Nassau. Westchester County Pest Management Committee.

Summary: Our research to date has not demonstrated the efficacy of Steinernema carpocapsae (Sc) nematodes in controlling the annual bluegrass weevil. In comparison to the 45 private courses in Westchester, county courses operate with three times the traffic, half the staff and a third of the materials and equipment. For three years this project has taught Westchester County's golf course managers to reduce their reliance on pesticides through cutting-edge research and practical hands-on training.