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The Underground Theater presents: "The Community Beneath Our Feet" 2000

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Project leader: Pat LaPoint

Type of Project: Interactive Hands-On Play and Narrative with accompanying activities


Our project includes a complete kit to be shared by all interested in the IPM project we have produced. Our goal is to better inform students about soil and the organisms in and on the soil and also help them understand that the way we treat soil and plants makes an impact on our environment. The kit contains:

While scripting the play we included a pre-test situation; when the plot of the play becomes apparent the audience is asked their opinion, by a show of hands, as to whether the main character (Ms. Talltower) should spray the weeds in her lawn. At the conclusion of the play, after all information has been shared and the audience participants are on the stage with the main characters, the audience is again asked whether Ms. Talltower should spray the weeds (post-test situation). The results are discussed in the evaluation section.