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Integrated Pest Management Field Day: Focus on Diagnosis 2000

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Project Leader: Brian Eshenauer

Education Day Program results based on participants completed the evaluation forms.

Since accurate diagnosis is the first step in IPM, improving diagnostic and scouting skills in landscape situations were the key objectives of this project. This was a regional day-long workshop. It was held in the meeting facilities and on the exentensively planted grounds of Sonnenberg Gardens in Canadaigua NY. The program began with formal presentations. This was followed by hands-on field activites, such as scouting, which were conducted in the landscapes of Sonnenberg. Insects, diseases and cultural problems were viewed in the situations where they naturally occur. Pest management options were discussed both in formal presentations and in the field.

A total of 67 people attended this workshop. This project was successful in reaching the targeted audience with 83% describing themselves as professionals from commercial landscape or lawn companies

The evaluations indicated that the participants walked away with practical knowledge to apply in their workplace. The speakers emphasized the concept of thresholds. Apparently this concept was successfully communicated as one participant's response to the open-ended question in the evaluation: "One useful item I learned about that I would use on my job is…" "Sometimes treatment of an insect pest or disease is not necessary." This summed up the feelings of many in attendance.