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Orange County School IPM 2000

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Location: Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County

 Project Leaders: Rosemarie S. Baglia, Diana K. Weiner

 Collaborators: Lynn Braband, Gary J. Couch


CCE educators acquired baseline data on awareness and knowledge of IPM by school personnel from the survey. The survey indicated that most schools in Orange County contract with Pest Control Operators for structural pest control, but most athletic fields and grounds are maintained and treated for pests by school personnel. Sixty percent of the survey respondents indicated that their district did not have a pest management policy. Thirty three percent were unaware of the new mandatory 48 hour pesticide application notification law as it applies to schools. Data can be compared with a follow-up survey to evaluate increased knowledge for individuals attending IPM educational programs.

Orange County school personnel became more knowledgeable about IPM principles and practices by attending the fall school IPM conference and given the knowledge they need to develop and implement IPM programs for their facilities. Twelve out of seventeen attendees listed at least two IPM practices they intend to use within the next year as a result of the workshop.

Valuable contacts were made with school personnel for potential on site demonstration projects and future programming efforts.