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TAg Educational Materials

What is TAg?

Northeast Regional agriculture teaching modules: Tired of lecturing? Looking for a teaching kit that makes IPM easy? These modules are a hands-on, discussion-oriented series on the concepts and methods of IPM. It’s designed so you can mix and match modules to create the sequence that will work best for your clientele—or even use them singly, as needed, to augment your program.

IPM Field Teaching Modules:


Alfalfa Weevil Management Guide: 1.1Mb pdf file

Barn Flies Management Guide: 1MB pdf file

Black Cutworm in Field Corn Management Guide: 912K pdf file

Corn Rootworm Management Guide 972k pdf file

Diseases of Alfalfa (Leaf Spots) Management Guide 220k pdf file

Diseases of Alfalfa (Wilts and Rots) Management Guide 216k pdf file

Disease of Corn Management Guide 72k pdf file

Early Season Insect Pests of Corn Management Guide: 1016k pdf file

Potato Leafhopper on Alfalfa Management Guide 304k pdf file

Soybean Pests (Insects) Management Guide 140k pdf file

Soybean Pests (Diseases and Weeds) Management Guide 44k pdf file

Weeds in Corn Management Guide: 1Mb pdf file