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Tactical Agriculture (TAg)

Learn, hands-on, IPM management techniques for field corn, alfalfa, soybeans and wheat.

Resources for Soybean On-Farm IPM Education
TAg Resources:

Use the Search Page to locate Ongoing TAg Projects by choosing Demonstration/Implementation in the Technique field

What is Tactical Agriculture (TAg)?

NE TAg Train the Trainer

Weekly Pest Reporting: This is a seasonal scouting report providing information on presence, identification, and management guidelines for significant field crop pests in New York.

TAg Educational Materials: Teaching modules, brochures and other support material.

TAg Pre- and Post-Evaluations: Evaluation and planning questionnaires for TAg team leaders.

Crop Scouting Report Forms

Keith Waldron, Livestock & Field Crops IPM Coordinator,
Ken Wise, Livestock and Field Crops IPM Area Educator, Eastern NY,
Or talk to your local Cornell Cooperative Extension educator.