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NYS IPM Weekly Pest Report Blog

Thu, 01 Oct 2015 18:10:51 +0000
Alfalfa, Clover, Corn, Diseases, Insect Pests
NYS IPM Weekly Field Crops Pest Report,

October 2, 2015: Volume 14 Number 22  View from the Field End of the Reporting Season The growing season is coming to a close and we have reached the end of our 14th season of the NYS IPM Weekly Field Crops Pest Report. We would like to thank all the extension educators and field consultants […]


asian soybean aphidsOur Newest Resource: Asian Soybean Aphid Integrated Pest Management on Soybeans Moodle

This online course is to help you learn about integrated pest management for Asian soybean aphid on soybeans. The course will focus on correct identification, its lifecycle, how to sample and monitor for the pest, determine economic threshold and management practices that can be employed.


Our Livestock and Field Crops IPM Working Group makes long-range plans for research and extension projects, decides which IPM grant proposals to fund, and promotes informed and active teamwork in the ag community. The group comprises growers, research and extension faculty and educators, and private crop consultants.
Keith Waldron, Livestock & Field Crops IPM Coordinator
Ken Wise, Livestock and Field Crops IPM Area Educator, Eastern NY