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Dairy Berries
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Tree Fruit
Weeds Landscapes, Parks & Golf Courses
Turfgrass Nursery, Greenhouse & Christmas Trees

Fact Sheet Permissions

IPM Webmaster contact information: Karen English
The NYS IPM Program holds copyrights to the IPM fact sheets. The NYS IPM fact sheets are published exclusively on the NYS IPM website ( and any other publication to other servers is disallowed without written permission from the NYS IPM webmaster.
Not-for-profit use. Fact sheets may be photocopied or printed, either in part or in their entirety, for nonprofit, educational purposes without charge, as long as the NYS IPM Program logo and contact information are clearly visible. Please notify our webmaster when using IPM material so we can document our impact. Requests for permission to use photos or artwork apart from the fact sheets in which they reside should be made to our webmaster. Such requests will generally be forwarded to the photographer or artist who provided the illustration.
Private, for-profit organizations must request permission to use any portion of a fact sheet, even for educational purposes, and should begin by contacting our webmaster. In general, we do not honor corporate requests for photographs or artwork but can relay such requests to individual photographers and artists.
Instructions for Authors