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NYS IPM Fact Sheets for Berries

Berry Insect Pests Berry Diseases
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Meadow Spittlebug, 1988 164k pdf file Blueberry Scorch Disease, 2012 400k pdf file
Root Weevils, 1988 380k pdf file Blueberry Shock Disease, 2012 415k pdf file
Strawberry Bud Weevil (Clipper), 1988 296k pdf file Botrytis Fruit Rot, 1985 236k pdf file
Strawberry Sap Beetle, 2009 167k pdf file Leather Rot, 1991 536k pdf file
Tarnished Plant Bug, 1988 304k pdf file Mummyberry Disease, 1991 384k pdf file
Other Pests   Red Stele of Strawberry, 1991 592k pdf file
Banded Slug, 1988 460k pdf file    
Gray Garden Slug 1988 592k pdf file    
Marsh Slug 1988 648k pdf file    
Spotted Garden Slug 1988 472k pdf file