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Diagnostic Resources

The following resources are part of Cornell University.

Interactive Plant Manager... an online tool for diagnosing pests of woody ornamental plants.

For insect identification, contact the Insect Diagnostic Lab (Dept. of Entomology).

For identification of insects on livestock, see the Arthropod Identification (Veterinary Entomology, Cornell University)

For soil and tissue testing, see Agro-One Services

If you need assistance with the identification of diseases, insects, chemical injury and physiological disorders that affect berry crops in northeastern North America and eastern Canada, access The Berry Diagnostic Tool.

If you have pest problems with Fruit Trees or Shade Trees, you may be able to diagnose the problem yourself with the aid of this website: West Virginia University's Kearneysville Tree Fruit Research and Education Center

For aid in the identification of common weeds and weed seedlings found throughout Virginia and the Southeastern U.S.:
Weed Identification Guide from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.  

For more assistance in diagnosing your problem, or to confirm your own diagnosis, contact your local County Extension Agent.