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Charlie Scheer

Jennifer Jens & Charlie Scheer.  Photo: S. Cheshire
Jennifer Jens and Charlie Scheer.  Photo: S. Cheshire

Charlie Scheer, production manager at Half Hollow Nursery, Inc., of Laurel, has long been interested in finding ways to reduce pesticide use while maintaining plant quality. Scott Clark maintains that "much of what Extension educators and nursery growers in Suffolk County have learned about monitoring and other IPM strategies is due to Scheer’s support and encouragement over the past several years." Scheer frequently makes Half Hollow Nursery available to Cooperative Extension as a demonstration site.

Scheer has been active in agriculture all his life. He was born on a Connecticut vegetable and fruit farm, where he worked as a youth. He went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in plant science and a master’s degree in education and entomology at the University of Connecticut. He taught agriculture and was a nursery specialist for Cornell Cooperative Extension prior to his current position at Half Hollow.